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Virgin Mobile offers 4 different types of plans: smart phone plans (starting at $30/mo), talk and text plans (starting at $15/mo), prepaid plans (starting at $20/mo), and data plans for sticks and tablets (starting at $30/mo).

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Q: What are the rate plans for virgin mobile canada?
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Which mobile phone operators in the US offer the cheapest contracts?

The cell phone providers with the least expensive rate plans are Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, and Virgin Mobile. They are followed closely by Cricket and T-Mobile.

Does Tmobile UK have a good rate on their data plans?

TMobile UK offers a decent rate in the United Kingdom. There are smaller providers like Virgin Mobile and even Tesco Mobile which have better rates, but Vodaphone is the most expensive.

What is a cheap phone that does not require a time commitment?

Two good phone companies are Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile. With Virgin you can pay per minute and pay per text while with Boost you pay a low flat rate with no time commitment.

What is the long distance rate for solo mobile?

Long Distance Rates for Solo Mobile is 35 cents per minute. It's the same rate as for the local calls. For more information on rates & plans, you can visit

How much is the bill for a Bank of America Mobile cell phone?

You'll have to ask Bank of America Mobile. In particular, there may be different rate plans and/or special promotional offers.

What plans does boost mobile offer?

Boost Mobile offers per minute, daily and monthly plans. Boost Mobiles plans are all unlimited with the exception of the per minute plan. Unlimited plans range from $2-$3 for daily plans or $35-$60 for monthly plans. Please note the $35 monthly rate is a shrinking plan and will initially cost $50 per month. The per minute plan is 20 cents a minute.

Where can one obtain cell phone rate plans?

Cell phone rate plans vary depending on the company. Because of this you must look up plans on the company website. For example, Verizon's rate plans can be found on their website.

Where can I learn about cell phone family plans?

T-Mobiles Value Plans offer you the best rate plan pricing on Americas Largest 4G Network. et fast, easy wireless Internet access anywhere within the T-Mobile network. Plans start at just $39.99 a month!

What are some good types of wireless internet plans?

ATT is, again, an excellent wireless provider, and they reach many rural areas, have several plans and offer 19.95 rate for the first 12 months. They also offer easy use wifi along with regular wireless service. Verizon is not recommended unless you live close to a cell tower. T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile are also considered good choices. is a website that offers more choices and comparisons if you want a wide variety of choices when shopping for wireless internet.

Is 0330 free on a mobile phone?

03 numbers will cost the same as the local rate for telephone calls. However, some mobile contracts will allow you to call 03 numbers for free up to one hour a month. So it also depends on your mobile contract.

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What is the literacy rate for Canada?

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