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Sprint offers wireless contract plans, prepaid plans and also monthly rate plans as well. They also sell a variety of different phones and accessories as well.

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Q: What types of services does Sprint Wireless offer?
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What types of services does Cellular One offer?

Cellular One offer a lot of services, including cell phones and also wireless services. Different companies operate under this name. AT&T and Verizon are examples of this.

What types of internet services does Verizon offer?

Verizon offers a variety of Internet services, classed in three categories. The first category is their wireless services, including providing devices and accessories. The second is residential services, where they offer high speed internet connections, and finally business services refined to an individual's needs.

What kind of service plan do most wireless internet providers offer?

A few types. You can either buy a contract minute plan or a prepaid plan with a price per minute. Wireless providers also often offer data services like EDGE and 3G.

What types of services does Digis offer?

DIGIS provides an Internet connection using a wireless antenna system. Services include unlimited phone, high-speed internet, email accounts and e-Fax.

What are five different types of cell phone companies?

cricket, sprint, att, verizon, wireless, and you find the fifth one.

What types of services does Manhattan offer?

good ones

Using Verizon Wireless Online?

The online services provided by Verizon Wireless are really second to none. The Verizon Wireless online services cover a broad range of needs, allowing users to engage in a number of highly advanced applications through their network. If you're interested in seeing what Verizon Wireless online has to offer, you should check to see if they offer the types of services you need. For example, are you looking for a special internet package tied specifically to a cell phone, or are you looking for some kind of "broadband on the go" instrument that you can hook into your personal computer?

Which company offers the best services?

Prnv services benefits the best organisation who offer the types of services

What Blackberry phone models does Sprint offer to their customers?

Sprint offers five different Blackberry's: the Blackberry Bold, three types of the Curve, and also the Blackberry Style.

What online services does BBandT offer?

If you are interested in knowing what services BB&T offer, there are a few different services. They offer various types of online banking and the ability to email and speak to their support.

What types of cellphones does Sprint offer to its customers?

Sprint offers a variety of smart phone types to its customers. One can choose plans with iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung including the Galaxy S III.

What types of service bundles does Verizon offer to its customers?

Verizon will bundle TV, internet, and phone services for residential customers; for wireless customers, Verizon allows customers to share data across plans.