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In what country and city?

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2014-05-12 13:27:56
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Q: What are the names of some henna tattoo artists?
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Is henna tattoo washable?

Some of them yes...

How do you make a temporary tattoo Without alcohol based deodorant?

Depending on the type of tattoo of course. There is always "Henna" tattoos, made from natural Henna and will last for up to a month. There are some very unique and creative designs that can be created using Henna for tattoos.

Who are some people that are considered among the best tattoo artists in North America?

There are many tattoo artists which are considered great artists. Kat von D, Corey Miller, Ami James, and Chris Garver are all popular tattoo artists in North America.

Who are some of the best portrait tattoo artists in the everett seattle wa area?

Jeromy Sawdon at Monsters In Ink Tattoo.

Can a minor get a tattoo with parental consent in Virginia?

Yes, but I'm still trying to figure out which tattoo shops will do it. Some tattoo artists think it's unethical to tattoo minors regardless of law.

Who are some tattoo artists in Los Angeles?

There are many tattoo artists located in Los Angeles. Some of the top listed artist include Bryan Burk, Julie Becker, Eddy Deutsche, Christopher Conn Askew and Jeremy Swan.

Can neosporin remove tattoos?

No it cannot. Some tattoo artists even recommend you use it for a few days on a fresh tattoo to speed the healing

What are some names of New Zealand artists?


Names of some great international artists?

I doknow

Do tattoo artists get lunch breaks?

Yes, Tattoo artists must obtain, consume, and digest some form of chemical energy. A lack of such said nutrients and energy could result in a fatigued and shaking artist... therefore a poorly designed tattoo. Encourage your artist to eat.

What are some names of artists that support downloading music?


Is a tattoo artist a graphic designer?

Some of them are...there are guys who do "custom work" meaning they both draw and tattoo, and there are "flash artists" who tattoo well but can't draw. There are also artists who draw great but can't tattoo, and they find work in "production shops"--ones that do a ton of tattoos. The graphic staff draws up the art for the customer, then hands it off to the tattoo staff for execution.

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