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You can get schizophrenia and you can become paranoid

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Q: What are the mental consequences of using marijuana?
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What are the consequences a person can take if arrested and convicted of using marijuana?

That depends on where you were arrested and if you had any paraphernalia.

Four potential health consequences of stimulants?

the health consequences can either be mental, or physical the health consequences can either be mental, or physical

What are the physical consequences of marijuana use?

Smoking marijuana can cause lung, mouth, or throat cancer. That's about it. Also, chronic marijuana users usually suffer from short-term memory problems, but this usually clears up once the person has quit using.

How does marijuana affect mental capabilities?

you get stoned

What happens if an underage gets caught with marijuana?

There is no marijuana age so it would be the same consequences as an overage person.

Does marijuana cause mental disorders?

No. It's actually used to treat mental disorders like schizophrenia.

Does marijuana cause mental sickness?

yes and other diseases

Marijuana and it effects when you start at age 12 and you grow up using it?

Starting any drug at a young age can distort mental development - particularly with marijuana, this has been shown many times over to be a negative effect of long-term and/or heavy usage - and can lead to several mental disorders in older age. Some claims are made that smoking marijuana can also stunt bodily growth, but this is probably related to the act of smoking in general and not the marijuana itself.

Is marijuana good for Diabetes?

No, even medical marijuana can alter ones judgement and mental capacities in dangerous ways.

What can you do to not be high on Marijuana anymore?

Stop using marijuana.

Why was marijuana criminalised?

The use of marijuana can cause those who use it to become psychologically dependent on it. This can cause them to do whatever they can to fulfill their desire for marijuana. They may commit acts of violence, or breaches of the law, all to get more marijuana. The criminalization of marijuana was supposed to provide harsh consequences for those who opened their lives to the evils of marijuana. Marijuana was criminalized because the users of marijuana become dependent on it and often do things that they would not do if they were not psychologically dependent on marijuana. The criminalization of marijuana theoretically will help more people abstain from use of marijuana because of the harsh consequences. Marijuana can be harmful to the human body, some people also say there are benefits.

What are some consequences for a bad grade?

physical and mental punishment grouded