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GaP in an indirect band gap material

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Q: What are the indirect bandgap materials?
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What property do you use to classify materials into three states?


Why we can't use silicon and germanium in laser diode?

becoz Si and Ge are indirect bandgap semiconductors. for lasing action direct bandgap semiconductors are required of the type In Ga As P

Are indirect labor and materials part of Factory Overhead?

Would overhead include indirect materials and indirect labor?

What is type 1 and type 2 semiconductors?

Type 1 Semiconductors: The bandgap of one semiconductor is completely contained in the bandgap of the other one. In double heterostructure design carriers will be confined in the smaller bandgap material. this structure is used to form barrier/quantum well in Multi quantum well lasers and LEds Type II: like Type I The bandgap of the two materials overlap but the changes in the conduction and valence bands change sign. this type of materials do not use for light emiiting application as carriers can not be confined.

Are indirect materials variable or fixed cost?


What is the difference of indirect materials and direct materials?

One is indirect and one is direct!

Can Raw materials be direct or indirect?

raw material are indirect material

Why efficiency of solar photovoltaic cell is not 100 percent?

Because semiconductors such as silicon are indirect bandgap semiconductors, so some of the light energy is wasted as lattice vibrations (phonons).

Prime cost and conversion cost?

Prime cost = direct materials + direct laborwhile conversion cost = direct labor + factory overhead( which includes indirect materials, indirect labor and other indirect costs

Is indirect materials factory a fixed or variable cost?


What is importance of band gap in semiconductors?

bandgap has an importance role for conduction.if bandgap is max,the conduction of electron is min. and vice-versa.hence we can say that the bandgap desides the conductivity of any material(may be metal or nonmetal)

What is difference between direct purchase and indirect purchase?

The difference between direct purchase and indirect purchase is in what is purchased. Relating to raw materials, direct purchase is materials that go directly on a product and indirect is materials used to produce the product. Direct purchase can refer to purchasing products directly from manufacturers and indirect is purchasing through a middle person.