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what are the differences in communication between men and women

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A survey question that asks you to write a brief explanation is called

Auto correlation and cross correlation

If a married man cheats does that mean there are problems in his marriage

The nature-nurture question asks whether

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Q: What are the differences in communication between men and women in different cultures?
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What is cultural awareness?

Cultural awareness is very important element of communication. It is the recognition and understanding of the differences between cultures and the ability to appropriately respond to different cultural cues.

What are the cultural differences between U.S and Czech cultures?

What are the cultural differences between U.S. and Czech cultures

How do you adapt communication with adults for cultural and social differences?

You have to learn the cultural differences first. Once you know those you can use communication to open up lines between the lines between different groups.

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What is intracultural communication?

Intracultural Communication is pretty much the same as Intercultural communication. The difference here is not in the term itself, but in the people it is applied on. Intercultural Communication is probably between two people from different cultures trying to get along by understanding the way each one of them perceive the world around. But for Intracultural Communication: it is between two people from the same "super-culture" but from different "sub-cultures".

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difference between group communication and individual communication

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The USA is much larger. The USA is wealthier. They have different cultures. They have different types of government.

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The way people communicate heavily depends on culture. Verbal communication can have different meanings and connotations depending on culture, and nonverbal communication is different among different cultures. This can cause a lot of cross-cultural communication barriers.

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