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difference between group communication and individual communication

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Q: Differences between individual and group communication?
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Differences between public and mass communication?

Public communication takes place when the group becomes very large for direct interaction. in public communication, it usually one one person addresing the audience in places such as lecture hall and town hall. whereas Mass communication is communication to large masses of people in different places through media, radio, movies and books.

Differences between formal and informal group goals?

formal goals are those expressed by th organization through its mission, policies and procedures. informal goals are those of the individual employee antn forms the culture of the organization

What are some key features and types of social networking sites?

Messaging + communication Walls + group communication friends group application platform

What is the difference between natural group design and matched group design?

Natural group designs: A type of independent groups design in which the conditions represent the selected levels of a naturally occurring independent variable, for example, the individual differences of variable age. Researchers use natural groups designs to meet the first two objectives of the scientific method: description and prediction.· Individual differences (or subject variables) are selected rather than manipulated; represents a type of correlational research in which researches look for covariations between natural groups variables and dependent variables;· Causal inferences cannot be made regarding the effects of natural groups variables because plausible alternative explanations for group differences exist.Matched group designs:A type of independent groups design in which the researcher forms comparable groups by matching subjects on a pretest task and then randomly assigns the members of these matched sets of subjects to the conditions of the experiment. Matched group designs are a good alternative when neither the random groups design nor the repeated measures design can be used effectively.

What is the difference between concept and principle?

A concept is an idea of something not yet produced. A principal is a standard that is adhered to by an individual or imposed on a group.

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What are within group and between group differences?

Within group differences refers to differences within one individual group. Between group differences refers to the differences between 2 or more groups.

Is intra communication a context of communication?

yes it is , it means communication within the office . it may be individual to individual, individual to group,..can i get more about intra communication?

What is the differences in physical traits of an individual from the group to which it belongs?

Variation is the differences in physical traits of a individual form the group which it belongs in.

What ideological differences were there between the Soviets and America?

Individual freedom verses group safety (communism).

What is the differences between social case work and social group work?

Social Case Work is Method focusing on Individual Problems where as Group work is on Group

What are the similarities and differences between individual and group learning?

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What are the differences between group and individual counselling?

Individual counseling would involve the counseler(s) and a single counselee. Group Counseling would involve not only the counseler(s) but more than one counselee.

What are the differences between group testing and individual testing?

Group testing is cheaper in comparision to individual testing and can be distributed to a large amount of people, while individual testing tends to be more indepth and. Individual testing is only given to one person at a time, while group testing can be given to a group of people at the same time.

What is the inter and intra group communications?

Inter in group communications is the communication between one group and another. Intra in group communications is communication between the members of a particular group.

Are there individual and group differences in the way people process information?


What is individual communication?

When a person talks to a person or a few persons directly rather than a large group or an audience. When written, an individual communication is a letter to an individual rather than a reproduced mass mailing. This answer is an individual communication in that it is an original answer written for this question.

What is the difference between analysis of variance and analysis of covariance?

ANOVA characterises between group variations, exclusively to treatment. In contrast, ANCOVA divides between group variations to treatment and covariate. ANOVA exhibits within group variations, particularly to individual differences.

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