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gummy bears

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Auto correlation and cross correlation

If a married man cheats does that mean there are problems in his marriage

The nature-nurture question asks whether

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Q: What are the difference between the measurement of early days and modern days?
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What is the difference between early blues music and modern blues music?

whats the difference between early blues music and modern blues music

What are the Differences between early and modern tools?

The difference between early tools and modern tools is that early tools were made from stone but modern tools are made from metals.

What is the main difference between Early Modern English and Late Modern English?

therer is no he or ye

What are the difference in the way of life between early and modern humans?

early humans were nomads but modern humans are related to farmers and herders

One difference between early modern humans and neanderthals is that early modern humans?

the early modern humans lived a farming lifestyle while the neanderthals still were nomadic people

What is the difference between modern and early means of transportation?

The most obvious difference is early transport was muscle powered (animal or human) whilst most modern forms of transport are machine powered.There is also a huge difference in speed and endurance.

Difference between lifestyles of early humans and modern humans?

Early humans used to spend a lot of time in nature. Their main activity was hunting. Nowadays, the modern humans depend a lot on the technology.

What is the difference between early hunter-gatherers and modern subsistence hunters?

-it was the early hunter-gatherers way of life -today, people choose to live this way to survive

What is an anthropologist and what do then do?

Anthropologists are scientists that study early men and fossils. They study the difference between early men, and civilized men. Anthropology is the study of early men and modern men, and how long it took them to civilize.

How did people speak in Shakespeare time?

they spoke a early modern English and often they used poetry and prose . although there is a difference between them two .

What is the Difference between occupation early man and modern man?

Early man (nomadic hunter gathers) lived in small family groups, whose main concern (occupation) was finding food. Modern man (employed and with a salary) can visit a supermarket and buy as much food as he or she wishes. The difference is huge!

Difference between late binding and early binding?

different between late and early binding

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