What are the calibers for guns?

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There are thousands of different cartridges for guns in different calibers. Technically, caliber refers to the diameter of the inside of the barrel.

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Q: What are the calibers for guns?
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What do gatlin guns fire?

Cartridges of different calibers.

What is a machine gun ammunition?

Did you want to know what calibers were used in machine guns or perhaps what cartridges are for machine guns only.

What calibers were puckle guns?

The Puckle Gun had a bore of 1.25 inches, or 32 millimetres.

What are some of the sizes of ammo for the canadian army guns?

I believe you mean calibers. The main calibers in use with the Canadian Forces are the 5.56x45mm NATO and 7.62x51mm NATO. Other calibers include .50 BMG and 9mm, although they are not as common.

What are some guns Winchester Ammunition sells ammunition for?

They made ammunition in most popular calibers.

What were the calibers of the guns made bY midland between 1888-1950?

No published data to give a definitive answer.

How rare is a nickel steel model 94?

All 1894 (aka M-94) guns made in calibers 30 WCF, 25-35, 32 Win Spl and other smokless calibers have Nickel Steel barrels. Guns made in calibers 32-40 and 38-55 may, or may not, have Nickel Steel barrels, depending primarily on when the barrels were made. Don Schimpff

What gun is centerfire?

The question is a little difficult to answer as asked. MANY guns are centerfire. There are a number of calibers available that are rimfire, but the most common currently is a .22 or .17 family of cartridges. Almost all current larger calibers are centerfire.

What made dreadnaughts unique?

Burned oil instead of coal, standardized 12" main guns instead of a collection of varying sized calibers.

What calibers were j Stevens rifles offered in?

Dozens of calibers from .22 up through major hunting calibers.

What Rifle Calibers are legal in Mexico?

what calibers are legal in Mexico

What calibers are offered by air pellet guns?

Pellet guns tend to come in two standard caliber sizes. The first smaller caliber is the most common for pellets guns and is .177 caliber. The second is .22 caliber that can be found on some higher powered pellet gun models.

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