What gun is centerfire?

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The question is a little difficult to answer as asked. MANY guns are centerfire. There are a number of calibers available that are rimfire, but the most common currently is a .22 or .17 family of cartridges. Almost all current larger calibers are centerfire.

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2011-08-02 16:21:59
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Q: What gun is centerfire?
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What kind of gun do deer hunters use?

In this order; centerfire rifle, shotgun, handguns.

How far can a 50 cal bullet travel being shot out of a gun?

Muzzle loader or centerfire?

Which is the best shooting gun?

The question can't be answered without knowing what type of shooting and what "gun" you mean (hand gun, long gun, centerfire, rimfire, muzzle loader, etc..)

Is a savage model 170 B 35 caliber a rimfire gun?

No it's a centerfire, .35 remington.

What is a miss fire in a gun?

When the striker or firing pin connects with the rim (on a rimfire) or the primer (on a centerfire), and the cartridge does not fire.

How far will a hand gun 50 caliber shoot?

No way to answer without knowing if you are talking about blackpowder, rim fire or centerfire

How do you disassemble a browning centerfire semi-auto hunting rifle?

That depends on which Browning centerfire semi-automatic rifle you are addressing - there are more than one. Visit the Browning web site to get an owner's manual for field stripping instructions or locate the Gun Digest Assembly/Disassembly book for centerfire rifles for detailed disassembly instructions.

The US 32 caliber revolver is it a centerfire or rimfire?


Do any gun manufacturer make a 17 caliber centerfire rifle?

Several makers have made .17 centerfire rifles. In addition to a number of "wildcat" cartridges, the Remington .17 CF was placed in production over 30 years ago.

Can you shoot 38 special ammo in a 22 cal?

No. The cartridge is far too large to fit in the gun, and .38 Special is a centerfire, not a rimfire.

What type of gun is a 22 magnum--rimfire or centerfire?

A .22 magnum round is a rimfire cartridge,Today. The first .22 magnum was a centerfire. it is very hard if not impossible to buy new centerfire rifels, however the shells are still plentiful. I think a much more accurate shell ,at least for me than the rimfire. my father had a centerfire .22 magnum rifle lever action, with the magazine running along the barrel. if anyone has one I am looking for one. my brother got my dads.

Is a muzzelloader a centerfire firearm?

No- it is neither centerfire nor rimfire, since it does not use cartridges.

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