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A barrier Birth Control method is one that blocks sperm from reaching the uterus. Examples of barrier birth control methods include condoms, diaphragms, sponges, and cervical caps.
Barrier method means there is a physical device to prevent sperm from entering the woman's reproductive tract.

Male or female condom, sponge, cervical cap, diaphragm are all barrier methods.

Birth Control Pills, IUD, sterilization, withdrawal, rhythm, are not barrier methods.
These methods work by preventing the sperm from getting to and fertilizing the egg

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Q: What are the barrier birth control methods?
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What are examples of mechanical birth control?

The barrier methods are mechnical methods. These include the condom, diaphragm, cervical cap, sponge, and Femcap.

What are not barrier methods of contraception's?

Birth Control pills, ring, patch, DepoProvera and the IUD are not barriers.

What type of birth control are diaphragms condoms and the cervical cap?

Diaphragms, condoms, and the cervical cap are barrier methods of contraception.

Can you use the birth control patch if you're on the birth control pill?

There is no advantage to using the birth control patch and birth control pill at the same time. They have the same mode of action. If you want to double up on methods, try using a barrier method like condoms along with a hormonal method.

What is the difference between barrier method and hormonal method?

Barrier methods is like preventing contact with sexual fluids using condom. Hormonal method like using birth control pill

Is nuvaring a barrier birth control?

No, NuvaRing is a combined hormonal birth control method.

Which methods of birth control involves hormones?

Birth control patch

What birth control can you use if you are allergic to the hormonal birth control patch shot and pill and you don't want to get an IUD and are there any herbal non-hormonal methods?

I think you need to educate yourself about the methods of birth control. "Allergy" to all hormonal methods is unheard of, but if it is so, herbal options are not likely to be easier. Remaining methods are natural family planning, abstinence, and barrier methods such as condoms, vaginal sheath, diaphragm, cervical cap, and contraceptive sponge. These methods are less effective than other options, and require you to follow directions exactly.

Enumerate the contraceptive used in birth control?

"Contraceptive" and "birth control" are synonymous. All contraceptives are methods of birth control.

What are some of the most common methods of natural birth control?

Some of the most common methods of natural birth control would be for one to not have sexual intercourse. Other than that one would have to use methods such as a condom or the birth control pill.

What form of contraception suppresses ovulation?

The birth control pill prevents the release of eggs.

What are methods of birth control?

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