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Q: Which methods of birth control involves hormones?
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Why do birth control pills contain hormones?

Hormones control the release of eggs, and Birth Control pills either regulate or prevent that release.

Which hormones do birth control contain?

Hormones control the release of an egg

If your on birth control and you dont have periods why would my vagina be bleeding?

all birth control methods apart fom condoms can cause irregular break through bleeding. it is normal

Why do birth control have hormones?

Birth control pills have hormones because hormones are the chemicals that affect ovulation and other aspects of fertility in the female body.

What does birth control do to your hormones?

Birth control is what is used to prevent unintended pregnancy, there are multiple different types of birth control that work in different ways, it is ignorant to say 'birth control' to mean one specific type of birth control. Without knowing what type of birth control you're referring to we cannot answer your question - some birth control does absolutely nothing to your hormones, some birth control completely shuts down your hormones.

What are you to do if a guy takes birth control?

If he is taking female birth control pills forget him. They contain hormones and he is not taking them for birth control.

Does birth control patch involve hormones?

Yes, the birth control patch is a hormonal method

Which method of birth control includes hormones?

"the pill".

Enumerate the contraceptive used in birth control?

"Contraceptive" and "birth control" are synonymous. All contraceptives are methods of birth control.

How effective are birth control pills in treating endometriosis?

Birth control hormones are likely to keep endometriosis from getting worse. If you have severe symptoms or if birth control hormones and NSAIDs don't work, you might try a stronger hormone therapy.

What are some of the most common methods of natural birth control?

Some of the most common methods of natural birth control would be for one to not have sexual intercourse. Other than that one would have to use methods such as a condom or the birth control pill.

What are the traditional methods of birth control?