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It makes you high

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Q: What are the affects of Marijuana on your physical health?
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Does smoking marijuana once a month affects your health?

no way.

How marijuana affects the three sides of the health triangle?

Marijuana can affect the three sides of your health triangle; mental, physical, and social, only if you LET marijuana affect these three important aspects in your life. Marijuana is one of the safest drug that can treat cancer patients to giving couple of college students all relax and happy. Marijuana should be treated as a drug, and as such, it should be treated with respect and responsible

Can your emotions affect your physical health?

Yes emotions can affect physical health in many cases. They affect brain, which affects the physical health of person.

Which expression is correct mental and physical health or physical and mental health?

Body's physical health is interconnected and cannot be separated from your body's mental health. One affects the other.

What affects do games consoles have on Physical Health?

Yes,yes it does :)

Why physical factor affects your mental health?

lack of pleasure in activities,sexual desires

What is marijuana physical changes?

what is marijuana physical changes

Is marijuana a psychologically addiction?

No it can be a mental and physical addiction learned in health class so i know!! rteehee

Does marijuana affect you?

Marijuana is a drug. So yes, by definition, it affects you.

What forms of recreation contribute to your physical health?

Recreation which contributes to your health is recreation that provides exercise and that you enjoy, while being as little harmful as possible. I mention "enjoy" because your mood also affects your physical health.

Is marfan syndrome pyshical or mental?

Marfan syndrome primarily affects the physical aspect of a person's health. It is a genetic disorder that primarily affects the connective tissue in the body, leading to physical symptoms such as long limbs, joint hypermobility, and heart problems. There is no evidence to suggest that Marfan syndrome directly affects mental health.

What is the psychological effect or affect which ever is the applicable of swallowing?

Swallowing affects the physical and mental health of all humans.