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There are no terms used only by gay people and not straight people. But if you're talking about gay slang, Here is a list of Gay Slang Terms.

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Q: What are some terms used by gay people?
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Is some people gay?

Yes, some people are gay.

Why are gay people treated better?

Gay people are treated better than they used to be in some areas because of the hard work of people fighting for equal rights.

How gay can you get?

Some people are 100% gay. That's as gay as you can get.

Why are gay people so funny?

Some gay people are funny and some are not. Being gay has nothing to do with being funny.

Are gay people comfortable being gay?

Some are, some aren't. It appears that gay people who have come out -- publicly acknowledged being gay -- are more comfortable than gay people who are "in the closet," that is, who hide it.

Why do some people look gay?

if straight people look gay, its because some women like men that act like that, if they are gay and look gay, then they are gay...

Is homosexuality Insolence?

No. It is a natural aspect of human sexuality. In fact, surveys routinely show that the majority of gay people had to "get used to" being gay, and did not want to be gay at first. Some never get used to it.No. It is a natural aspect of human sexuality.

What are some names of charities that are focused on people?

gay gay gay!

What is the homosexual agenda?

This phrase is only used by those who oppose gay rights. It refers to the perception that gay people have designed and are carrying out a specific plan to force the rest of society to view them as normal or acceptable. There is some underlying truth to that; gay people do want and deserve equality.In general terms, gay people (and straight people) strive for equality in many different ways, and it is true that they are seeking to discard the old view that they are sinful or mentally ill, but there is no agenda.The opponents of gay equality are seeing cultural changes and labeling them as an agenda.

How come Stonewall advertiseing for gay Some people are gay get over it but forgetting some people do not accept gay people get over it?

Yes. Also 7.

Why are some Jewish people gay?

Gay people can be found in any religion.

Why are some people against gay relationships?

Because they're not used to it,religion, intolerant etc.

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