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* missed menstrual period * nausea, with or without vomiting * food aversions or food cravings * fatigue * frequent urination * breast changes and breast tenderness * new sensitivity or feelings in your pelvic area * metallic taste in your mouth If you have one or more of these symptoms take an at home test or contact your doctor asap it is important that you find out if you are pregnant earlier on so that you can get prenatal care that helps you have a healthy pregnancy and baby...also if you don't want to keep the baby you have more options the earlier you find out!!!

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Q: What are some symptoms of pregnancy and how can you tell if you are pregnant without taking any pregnancy test?
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Could stopping the birth control pill cause pregnancy symptoms?

If you're not taking the pill, it's always possible to get pregnant, fake symptoms or not.

How do i know if I'm pregnant if im taking the pill?

You will miss your period,have pregnancy symptoms, or you could take a home pregnancy test or see your Dr.

Am on birth control no symptoms of pregnancy and neg pregnancy tests?

This is what you would expect to occur; but there are slight chances to become pregnant even when taking the pill.

I have all the symptoms for pregnancy but i changed my birth control pill 3 weeks ago. Are these symptoms still from changing my pill or could i be pregnant?

if you have had unprotected sex recently even if you are on birth control you could be pregnant. i suggest taking a pregnancy test :)

If a woman is not having morning sickness but having breast and abdominal pain with frequent urination is there a way to tell if she is pregnant without taking a pregnancy test?

There is no definitive way to determine pregnancy without some kind of test, with or without symptoms. But the home pregnancy tests are quite accurate and inexpensive, so if you feel you may be pregnant, I advise you to take the test. If the test shows you are not pregnant, you need to be examined by a doctor to see what is causing the discomfort you're having. Also, depending on your age, if you are still in your early teens, these symptoms can sometimes be caused by your body still developing, and they can also be pre-menstrual symptoms.

How can you tell if you pregnant?

By taking a pregnancy test.

Will you be pregnant after taking 2 pills?

No, pills do not cause pregnancy. Sex causes pregnancy.

How do you know its diet pills side effects and not pregnancy?

By taking a pregnancy test. If it's positive, it might be the pregnancy symptoms.

How can you tell if your English bulldog is pregnant?

You can't tell for sure without taking to a vet. A lot of dogs display false pregnancy symptoms. I hear they can do a test, but the best way is to wait until 21 days in and get an ultrasound. It will also tell you how many you are expecting.

What symptoms would you have if you are pregnant while on the pill?

If you are on the pill it is unlikely that you are pregnant. If you did get pregnant you would have the same symptoms as if you were not on the pill. Nausea, fatigue, tender breasts, heartburn, frequent urination. Missing a period COULD be a sign - but would be less reliable because you are taking hormones. At home pregnancy tests will work even if you are on the pill.

You had a period last month for a day then spotted for four now your nipples are sore to the touch could you possibly be pregnant?

the best way to know is by taking a hpt--because the reason i said that cuz pms symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are alike so its hard to tell if you're pregnant or not--

Do you have to have all the symptoms of pregnancy to be pregnant?

yes no you don't. I've known people who didn't have any symptoms and were pregnant. I've had symptoms and wasn't. the only sure way of knowing is by taking a blood test and/or seeing a ob/gyn. b/c the urine tests can give a false positive. I've had one of those too.