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There is no definitive way to determine pregnancy without some kind of test, with or without symptoms. But the home pregnancy tests are quite accurate and inexpensive, so if you feel you may be pregnant, I advise you to take the test. If the test shows you are not pregnant, you need to be examined by a doctor to see what is causing the discomfort you're having. Also, depending on your age, if you are still in your early teens, these symptoms can sometimes be caused by your body still developing, and they can also be pre-menstrual symptoms.

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Q: If a woman is not having morning sickness but having breast and abdominal pain with frequent urination is there a way to tell if she is pregnant without taking a pregnancy test?
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Frequent Urination is that a sign of pregnancy?

No, I pee all the time after eating popcorn. I'm not pregnant. If you want to know if your pregnant go get a pregnancy test.

How can you find out are you pregnAnt?

Take a pregnancy test, no menstrual period, fatigue, sleepiness, breast changes, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination,fullness, aching in the abdominal area, mood swings or irritability. There are many things that can be symptoms/signs that your pregnant. But the best thing to do it take the pregnancy test!

Could you be pregnant if two weeks after sex you are peeing a lot and your stomach hurts?

It is possible. Frequent urination is a symptom of pregnancy. If your period is late, take a HPT.

Can an IUD make you feel pregnant?

The symptoms of pregnancy - fatigue, nausea, frequent urination - are nonspecific, and women (and men) may feel them quite often without being pregnant. If you think you're pregnant, take a pregnancy test.

What problems do women have when they are pregnant?

In early pregnancy most of the women will have morning sickness, drowsiness and frequent urination. Later some women will have back pain and lack of sleep. But these are all different for every women and every pregnancy.

If a girl experiences tiredness and food cravings and weight gain and frequesnt urination but not that much more frequent than usual but not nausea and does not think she is pregnant is she pregnant?

With all these possible symptoms of pregnancy, if the girl is sexually active it would be wise for her to take a pregnancy test. Not everyone suffers nausea with pregnancy.

If you have bloating breast tenderness lightheadedness frequent urination can you be pregnant one and a half weeks after having unprotected sex?

Could be - some people feel effects immediately. You need to do a pregnancy test.

Can you experience pregnancy symptoms such as a heavy feeling in the lower abdomen tiredness headaches heartburn frequent urination and cramping if you've recently stopped taking birth control pills?

Yes. You might be pregnant.

Can having diabetes cause symptoms of pregnancy even when you aren't pregnant?

== == You might mistake frequent urination or slightly worse eyesight for pregnancy, but those are symptoms that usually start after you've already missed your period, which would be one of the first signs of pregnancy. As far as I have always known (being a diabetic), I have never had any symptoms of being pregnant.

Are frequent urination sore nipples morning cramps missed period nausea with no vomiting and mild lower back pain signs of pregnancy?

Probably not pregnant. Pregnancy rarely happens after tubal. You might have a couple of different ailments that happened to come up at the same time. Your symptoms most likely aren't from being pregnant. You might have a bladder or urinary infection. That can cause frequent urination, cramps & lower back pain. These aren't symptoms of pregnancy. Missed period could be early menopause. Sore nipples are just something that happens once in a while.

Can frequent urination mean your pregnant?

It depends on how frequent,like if every five to ten minutes you have to urinate then it is probably a bladder infection or kiddney/gaul stones.

What symptom will you have when you become pregnant?

Tired, moody, cravings for foods, frequent urination, headaches, sorebreast & the list goes on & on.