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For hes a jolly good fellow, and dont have cake or chips have wine!

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Q: What are some good birthday party songs for a 85th birthday party?
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What are good clean songs to play at your teachers birthday party?


What are good summer party songs?

Maybe, populare songs or fun vacation songs

Is birthday party company a good idea?

really good idea. Happy birthday.

Which of these is not considered a good?

a birthday clown at a party

What are some good house party songs for teenagers?

i am having a 16th birthday/house party and need to make a playlist but friends who are coming have different tastes in music however will all dance. Any song suggestions?!

What is a good 11th birthday party theme?

Well when i was eleven i had a Hawaii birthday party theme. If your a Boy im sorry.

Songs that have good beats?

LMFAO- party rock anthem

What are some good grinding songs?

Party Like A Rockstar

What is a great birthday party idea for an 18th Birthday?

A good birthday party idea for an 18th birthday party could be to have a beach party. Have a cook out with games and cake. Have a live band with their favorite music. Have a party at an amusement park, just use your imagination and you can think of many ideas.

Is a shopping spree a good idea for an 11th birthday party?

sure it can be thats what my friend did for her 11th birthday party and everyone loved it(:

What color is traditional for an 85th anniversary or birthday?

The 65th is the Golden Wedding Anniversary and the 66th year is not a special event, but can still be celebrated so any color will do. Generally white with blue or green with pale yellow are good colors and represents both the male and female.

What are some funny birthday songs?

Traditionally funny birthday songs include He (or She) is a Jolly Good Fellow, and variants of the classic "Happy Birthday" that substitute the existing language/stanzas for ones that are more risque.