What is a good song to sing for a birthday?

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Happy Birthday

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2016-08-05 23:55:50
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Q: What is a good song to sing for a birthday?
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Is it bad to sing happy birthday after your birthday?

No it is not. You can sing a happy birthday song whenever you want and however you want to. There is nothing good or bad about it.

What is a good song to sing at an audition?

Ok well it depends on your voice scale range. If your high notes, sing a song from Justin Beiber. If your low notes, sing The Underdogs. If your in the middle,( me and most people ), sing a chromatic Birthday Song. ex. Happy Birthday to youuuuuu! Happy birthday to youuu! Happy birthdayyy , Happy birthdayyyyyy , Happy BIRTHday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu! V.V ____ Good Luck... ;)

What is a good song anybody can sing?

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Aswell As Happy Birthday.

A song that you can sing for your a guys 60th birthday?

The song Old Time Of Rock N' Roll by Bob Seger. :D Very good song

What is the chilis restaurant birthday song?

At Chili's we say it's fun and true 'specially when we sing for you Good news is we sing for free Bad news is we sing off key Sound off Happy Sound off Birthday Bring it on doww Happy Birthday to you

Did another band sing the Beatles Birthday song?

yes they did .

Happy Birthday song in Korean?

It's 생일축하합니다 (saengil chukha hamnida) and Suzy of Miss A in drama Dream High sings a happy birthday song. It's really good.

Italian for happy birthday?

Buon compleanno is the literal translation for Happy Birthday. When singing the Happy Birthday song, they instead sing Tanti Auguri which translates to many (good) wishes for you.

What song did Hannah Montana sing at lilly's birthday party?

Let's Get Crazy was the song.

What song does a man sing to his daughter on the answering machine?

umm well depending on what the dad is calling for. if its her birthday, you just sing happy birthday. if its nothing holiday oriented, just sing her a song about fathers and daughters. like the song butterfly kisses or cinderella.

Your girlfriend is 13 and you want to sing her a song for her 14 birthday which is coming up what song should you sing to her?

Happy birthday by Veenero Handsome available on you tube

What is a good Lady Gaga song to sing in a talent show?

A good song to sing is Telephone or Born This Way.

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