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Sammich shaped sammich. Now stop aksing questings and go make one for ur master.

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Q: What are some cute things that guys love girls to do?
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What cute things do girls do that guys love?

Guys love when girls do cute things like flip their hair, smile, wink, and giggle at their jokes.

Why do girls not like Asian American guys?

sex, strong guys, cute guys, and love

Who likes Cody linley?

Lots of girls(and guys) love Cody! he is so cute!

What gestures of man attract girls?

Sweet, kind, cute, buff, funny, and smart guys are what girls love to be around.

Does Korean guys like Indian girls?

If he thought she was cute then yeh, why not? Ethnicity doesn't change love instincts :)

Do girls like getting gifts from guys?

Yes, girls love things like that :) I'm a girl, and boy, i love it!

Why do guys give girls things?

Because they are truley in love with you and they want something with you=]

What does girls think about love?

Girls think about them a lot. Girls think of love as a perfect guy loving them and caring about them and is smart and not inappropriate and he's super cute and ocmfortable to be around with. Girls each think about their perfect guys differently.

How do you act cute in front of guys?

Get naked. guys love it.

What little things do guys like girls to do for them?

smile,say they love you,hugs and kisses

What do all guys think is cute?

Us guys think a lot of things are cute in girls. And 1 of those things is there smile. We really love a girl that smiles. And we also like there dimples when they smile. That is EXTREMELY cute! We love that. Also we love pretty eyes that gleam in the sunlight. Also girls that aren't shy and like 2 talk. We don't like shy girls. Caring girls are another big thing and girls that don't get jealous and mad easily. He just hate it when girls get all mad over something.

What are some cute things girls do that guys love?

Different Girls have different things that guys like.