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Pedophiles are adults who are sexually attracted to young children, usually under 12 years old. Some act on that attraction, some don't. Those who act in any way can count on active persecution and heavy penalties in most countries today.

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Q: What are pedofiles?
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Who are pedofiles?

They rape little kids.

What happens if you recommend people?

they bcum pedofiles for life

Disadvantages of social networking?

- Viruses - Pedofiles - dont know who your talking to

Why is networking risky?

Because of pedofiles pretending to be people and can kill you or identity theives

What is the currancy of Chile?

chilese dollar from james allen come all pedofiles to him

Why the pope protects the pedofiles?

simply because they are still human. They also have life that needed to be protected.

Why do your parents say no to you if you want a facebook when your only ten?

because they think that pedofiles will track you via facbook

What are three disadvantage of social networking?

you can meet bad people- Viruses- Pedofiles- dont know who your talking to

Who made the second largest class of people?

pedofiles. e.g. jimmy savil, bobby wang and ainsly harriot.

Who made up the second largest class of people?

pedofiles. e.g. jimmy savil, bobby wang and ainsly harriot.

Is a 10 year old too young for msn hotmail?

Yes, becaus you never know what could happen...and there's a lot of pedofiles out there and the child could give the person the address and they could do anything with it

What is the danger of using Facebook?

well there hav been many pedofiles and strangers people have talked to. on the new there has been a lot of things what hav happend on facebook. Also many people have put personal and private things on there and they have been commented on then that person is the talk of his/her friends who saw it...