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Ok simple answer the phone and say " who the f**k are you" and hope its not a girl

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2012-07-31 08:15:19
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Q: What are funny sayings to say when someone calls you and their number is blocked?
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How do you know if someone blocked your cell number?

If someone has blocked your cell number you may get a recorded message stating that the cell phone is not currently accepting calls. If you are able to reach their inbox then you have not been blocked.

how to find numbers to blocked calls?

In general, if someone has called you and blocked their number, you can't find out the number without a court order or other legal procedure.

How do you unblock blocked calls?

Hi there. When you want to unblock blocked calls, do you mean when you receive an incoming call, and its private number? If so, you cannot unblock a blocked call.

How do you unblock a blocked number that calls you?

as they call dial*88

Is your mobile number blocked if calls and texts are unreachable?

No it is not blocked if you can still make calls and text people, it just means there is something wrong with your network.

How can you tell if your phone number is being blocked by someone?

This is especially shown when your phone calls to the person go straight to voice mail. AlsO ask people if they blocked you and take it up with your network carrier.

Why is my boyfriend getting blocked calls at 330 am?

Maybe he works for the government... Or someone's stalking him

How do you get the phone number from a blocked call?

Sorry, it is just not possible. Program your phone to not receive blocked-number calls. It's a free service on land-line phones.

How do you know if someone's blocked you on a android phone I am trying to get a hold of someone and it keeps ringing and ringing until it rings off They won't answer my calls or text's?

I would say you are blocked. Quit calling.

How do you make blocked calls?

*67 wait until you hear 3 beeps then dial the number

What is the Comcast VOIP unblock code for allowing calls from a phone number I blocked?

For outgoing Comcast phone calls. Dial *82 before you dial your intended number to unblock your phone number for one phone call.

How do you unmask a blocked call?

There are mobile applications that allow blocked calls to be unmasked. TrapCall is a mobile app that not only unmasks blocked and restricted numbers, but also records incoming calls.

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