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Take out the battery, stick your knob in it. Wiggle it just a little bit and hey presto blocked calls activated...

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Q: How do you block texts and calls using nokia 2630?
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Can you go over on a phone contract?

Yes you can, by buying things of the internet, using texts or calls or doing international calls

Can i make video calls via Skype using nokia E72 phone?

No. Skype for symbian have no support for video calls; however you can make voice calls.

Can you make calls Skype to Skype account through using mobile Skype in nokia n70?


Can a phone number be assigned to one person for calls and another person for texts?

Not using the same number.

Can you make phone calls and send text messages using the ipad?

Yes, you can. If you have an app for it. VOIP to call and TextNow to send texts!

What is the phone number to block 1-800 numbers?

The phone providers can block 1-800 calls on your telephone. However, if you are using a VOIP service, you can set the 1-800 numbers in the call block settings and stop receiving those calls.

How can block your number when you make a call?

in multimedia nokia phones we can install callrejecter software or if you are using samsung the company providing this option on phone

How do you block outgoing calls to area code 828?

That may depend on your telephone company and/or on the specific make and model of mobile phone you are using.

How do you block incoming calls on T-Mobile BlackBerry?

The best way to block incoming calls on your Blackberry (doesn't matter what Blackberry you are using) is to use an app that BerryWAV had developed. It's called Efficient Call Blocker. It works by allowing you to explicitly add numbers to a list where you can block. Using this along with a service like YouMail, you can have the person calling hear a message like "this number has been disconnected or no longer in service."

Delete the games of Nokia 1208?

We can delete Nokia 1208 Games by using data cable

What handphone is arron using?

A crappy nokia

Where is a big Nokia shop in the UK?

There are various locations for Nokia shops in the UK. One can find a Nokia shop in the UK by going to the Nokia website and using the store locator prompt.