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The higher the grade the better the wood and engraving/metal inlays

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Q: What are browning shotgun grades I II III IV?
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Difference between the browning challenger ii 22lr and the browning challenger iii 22lr?

The Challenger II has an all steel frame and the Challenger III has an alloy frame; I don't know what the alloy is.

How much is a browning 12 gauge shotgun 1904 b in excellent condition worth?

I would need to know if we are talking about a browning auto-5 shotgun made in 1904?Please let me know and I will be able to give you a accurate value of your shotgun.Also include if it is a standard model or a grade II,Grade III, etc.

What is the difference in the Grades II through VI Browning Superposed Firearms?

Wood and amount of engraving

What is the model and age of a 20 gauge Browning semi-automatic shotgun serial C8193?

That is an 'American Browning' produced by Remington during World War II.

What is a Browning ranger shotgun?

The Stevens Model 520 was built on a Browning patent and so marked. Stevens also built the gun for Sears before World War II under the 'Ranger' tradename, so if you have a slide-action shotgun marked 'Ranger' and 'Browning Patent' then that is what you have.

What is the grade of HRCA sheet steel?

HRCA grade sheet steel comes in various grades. Firstly, it is 10748/1995, and it comes in grades I, II, and III.

Browning auto shotgun made by Remington sn 153885How old is it?

Your Browning shotgun which was made by Remington was made during the World war II years(1940-1945).During this time the manufacturer of Browning Auto-5 shotguns which was in Belguim was under Nazi German control and were making firearms for the German Army.No exportation was possible.

Browning shotgun with serial number X17414 Can you tell you kind of shotgun and how old it is?


What is the value of a 1979 browning citori 20ga grade ii shotgun?

In 90%+ condition about $700 for a 20 gauge and about $550-$600 for a 12 gauge.

What are the classifications of sprains?

There are three grades of sprains. Grade I sprains. Grade II sprains. Grade III, or third degree, sprains

What is the current value of a 1979 Browning Citori Grade II 20ga shotgun?

Without more specific information on the fininsh and condition; 100-1000 USD

Whats the difference between the browning buck mark pistol and browning challenger?

The Buckmark is a newer version of the same design. Challengers came in 3 models or versions (I, II, III), each being made after the former was discontinued. The Challenger III was very very close to the current Buckmark design, with the aluminum frame in common with the Buckmark. Challenger I and II both had steel frames.