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A bong toke is synonymous to a draw on a cigarette. It is the inhalation of smoke (typically cannabis) from the bong (cannabis smoking paraphernalia).

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Q: What are bong tokes?
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yes indeed you do particulary if you are smoking just pure weed with no fag in it. take a few tokes of a spliff or a bong and hold it in your head will spin

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depending on your resources or friends you can either try rolling a joint but if your new to or trying to smoke then smoke out of a pipe or bong, i like bongs because the smoke gets filtered by the water in the bong but if you don't like big tokes of weed because you dont want to cough that much than i would say stick with the pipe or joint and if you cant roll than have someone you know is good at rolling and have him roll you one and smoke it with him, you know. Share The Love

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