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Needs to be checked out by a competent gunsmith.

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Q: What ammo can be used in s and w 38 special ctg revolver?
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Can s and w 38 special ctg shoot plus p ammo?

Depends on how old the revolver is.

What does ctg mean when stamped on the barrel of a 38 special Smith Wesson 6 shot revolver?

ctg = cartridge

What is the different in 38 special and a 38 special ctg?

No difference. CTG is the abbreviation for cartridge. A revolver marked 38 Special CTG, or .38 S&W Special CTG is simply indicating that it is chambered for a .38 Special cartridge. This IS different from .38 S&W, and older, shorter, fatter, less powerful cartridge.

What is a smith and Wesson 38 special ctg model 10-3?

A K frame revolver

What is the suggested ammo for model 14-3 with 38 s and w special ctg markings on the side?

Any modern ammo will do, except for +P.

What is a ctg 38 special?

The term ".38 Special CTG" is an abbreviated way of saying .38 Special Cartridge. It is the caliber marking for a revolver that fires that cartridge. While it is NOW the most common .38 caliber cartridge, there are more than a dozen DIFFERENT .38 revolver catridges that were made at one time.

What is the value of a colt diamondback 38 special CTG 4 inch barrel revolver?

50-500 usd

What is the value of a colt diamondback 38 Special CTG 2 inch barrel revolver?

2k What is this value based on

What ammunition do you use in a 38 S and W CTG?

38 S&W ammo. which is a shorter version of the 38 special cartridge.

How do you find all the markings on a smith and Wesson 38 special ctg revolver?

careful examination of barrel, butt, crane, receiver.

Age of 38 smith and Wesson special ctg. revolver serial number 295831?

I do not have the answer but i have the same 38 CTGF i have the same question

What is the value of a SW 38 special CTG 5 shot revolver that is in fair condition?

Ballparking around $250-300 probably.