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16/17 can marry with parental consent. Under 16 needs parental consent and court approval.

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Q: What age can a child legally marry in Missouri?
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How can a 17 year old female get emancipated in the state of Missouri?

In Missouri, a child can leave home at the age of 17, and parents have no recourse. However, the parents are still legally responsible for the child until the child attains the age of 18.

Can a 15 year old girl legally marry a 21 year old male in Missouri?

NO. Find someone your own age.

What age can you drive in Missouri legally?

15 years of age.

What is the legal age for automatic child emancipation in the state of Missouri?

The age of majority is 18 in Missouri.

What age can you legally marry in Ireland?

18 years old.

What age legally can child choose which parent to live with in West Virginia?

What age legally can child choose which parent to live with in west virginia?

Can a child drop out of school with parents permission in Missouri at age 16?

Yes . A Child Of The Age 16 In Missouri, May Dropout With Parental Permission !

Can you marry somebody under age when you are at the age?

No, your intended partner needs to be legally 'of age' to give their consent.

What is the legal age to babysit in Missouri?

By Missouri State Law, you must be at a minimum age of 11 years old to legally babysit a child without the supervision of another adult. For more babysitting tips and help, go to below for information on babysitting.

Can you move out legally in the state of Missouri at the age of 17?

Yes, if you have parental consent.

Can you get married at the age of 20 in America?

Yes, you certainly can. In the U.S you can legally marry at age 18.

What age can a child sit in the front?

legally 5

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