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Briley makes choke tubes for Yildiz guns but only in 12 gauge Trulock is making them now in standard and extended versions.

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Q: What aftermarket choke tubes will fit Yildiz over and under shotgun?
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What extended choke tubes fit yildiz 20 gauge?


What are choke tubes?

Tubes that constrict the column of shotgun pellets as they exit the barrel

What choke tubes will fit a stoeger side by side shotgun?

For the Stoeger side-by-side shotgun, your best bet would be to use any of the standard Winchester choke tubes. They should fit well for you shotgun.

What do the choke markings cut into the rim of weatherby shotgun choke tubes mean?

# They relate to choke type, i.e., full, modified....

What is an accu choke?

System of changable shotgun choke tubes made by Mossberg. Accu Choke is their brand name. A shotgun choke is a means of reducing the bore size at the muzzle of a shotgun, to produce shot patterns that spread to a greater or lesser degree.

Can a browning double auto shotgun be tapped for internal choke tubes?

Not recommended

Can you use steel in your browning light shotgun?

If it has choke tubes, yes. If it is fixed choke, no. I called Browning about mine and that was the answer they gave me.

What choke tubes will fit a Spartan SP 310 OU by Remington?

The shotgun in question uses a standard Tru-Choke.

What after market or other brand shotgun choke tubes will fit the Charles Daly NRA Diamond Grade OU?


Where to get the value of your shotgun I have a Browning A-500 Auto Belgium made with invector choke tubes?

What gauge and grade is it?

What is a browning gold 3.5 invector?

A 12 gauge shotgun with changeable choke tubes that fires 3.5" shells.

What is difference between invector and invector plus choke tubes?

Invector was Brownings original choke tubes that came out in 1983. Invector Plus came along later for the back bored barrel shotguns. They are not interchangeable. Invector Plus= late model shotgun, Invector = earlier design shotgun. Both are still available for purchase.