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Slaves were owned by anyone who could afford one. Slaves were owned to work on palntation, they were used at home as servants, in armies as soldiers, house guards, females were used to be raped sometimes, they were used by home owners to work and bring back wages to owners. whatever the reason was, slaves were mostly used for economic reasons

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Q: Were plantation owners the only ones to own slaves if not who else owned them?
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Who benefited from slave labor?

The southern plantation owners and anyone else who owned a slave during those times in which it was legal.

What were risks for escaping the owners plantation?

Some risks that can happen for escaping slaves was: .You could of gotten whipped by your slave owners in front of everyone. They do it in front of everyone to teach other slaves never to escape or else they will know what will happen .You could have harsher jobs or slave owners, putting you to work a lot for a punishment. Hope This Helped!

Did African slaves make money?

No. A slave is owned by someone else. That is what makes them a slave and they are not paid for their labor. The Supreme Court decided they were property and had no rights. Slaves had to have permission to leave the plantation and didn't need money.

What was slaves perspective of freedom?

Freedom for slaves meant that the slaves didn't have to be owned and that they could be treated like everybody else.

What is a slave overseer?

Overseers punish slaves if they misbehave. They can also be responsible for finding runaway slaves. They answer to the owner of the plantation and cannot disobey or else they'll get fired.

Who benefited least from the sharecropping arrangement?

Sharecropping benefited both the workers and the owners. Sharecropping involved tenants farming land that is owned by someone else in return for a share of the crops.

What was the most important social distinction in the seventeenth century Chesapeake colony?

The most important social distinction in the seventeenth century Chesapeake colony was between the wealthy elite plantation owners and the indentured servants and enslaved laborers. The plantation owners had immense wealth and power, while the indentured servants and enslaved laborers were largely dependent on them for work and survival. This distinction shaped the economic and social structure of the colony, with the plantation owners dominating both politically and economically.

Why was whites owners of slaves?

The British came to Africa, and traded slaves for sugar. (Sugar was rare in Africa, the kings traded men and women for it.) Then the British took the slaves away on ships, sailed them to America, and sold them. The South took more interest than the North (South had more farms, North more factories.) in the slaves. "Ooh, someone else can do the work for me!" was the basic idea. And so whites owned slaves.

How else could slaves leave their owners and go to Canada?

get shipped off to another state or to just run away

How did slave owners pay for their slaves Was it money or some thing else?

Usually buying at slave auctions. Or breeding their own.

What were the causes of the underground railroad?

The Fugitive Slave Act caused the formation of the Underground Railroad.

How many slaves did Jackie Robinson had in his family?

His grandfather was a slave; his parents were sharecroppers who earned half of what they produced on land owned by someone else.