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i need to clean out my system before i have my baby

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Q: Ways to clean out your sysyem while pregnant?
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Yes you can, there are many ways but you can also have sex while being pregnant.

Why does Ice cream tastes like sour cream while pregnant?

the taste buds change in many ways this is just a side effect of being pregnant

If pregnant and using meth but stop how long will it take to get out system?

Delivering isn't the issue, it's the baby's development. ANY drug you take while you're pregnant will be passed on to the unborn child (you share the same bloodstream you know), so stop immediately. If you get pregnant while you're using, and if you keep using while you're pregnant you run a high risk of damaging your kid in several different ways. Get help, get clean and pray that the damage hasn't been done already.

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YES DEFINITELY the nicotine can cause damage so can the smoke in the lungs IT can cause many issues to the baby metal problems, and cause the baby to be disabled in many ways I suggest not to smoke while pregnant

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