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I have an 1895 in 30-06 that has Redfield peep sights on it. The site is adjustable for range and windage. I know the sights were on it before 1960. I do not know if the came with the rifle because serial numbers indicate it was made in 1921 I have in my collection a reprinted catalog of Winchester repeating arms co.that was printed in June of 1896.This catalog shows no flip up sights offered from the factory at that time.(Rifle was new in 1895).My father in law has in his possession A Winchester model 1895 sporting rifle in 38-72Win caliber with a serial number that puts production in the year 1905.His rifle has a side mounted elevating peep sight that was added to the rifle in 1907.I do not believe that Winchester ever offered a flip up peep sight for this rifle.Redfield,Marbles and Lyman I believe were the 3 main suppliers of after market sights for the Model 1895 rifle.

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Q: Was the Winchester Model 1895 Sporting rifle offered with flip up rear sights?
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