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he was fore it

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Q: Was John Breckinridge against slavery
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Did john c. Breckinridge support slavery?


What was John Breckinridge party's platform?

He wanted expansion of slavery in the territories. :(

What has the author John C Breckinridge written?

John C. Breckinridge has written: 'The substance of a speech by Hon. John C. Breckinridge' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Politics and government, Democratic (Southern), Slavery, Campaign literature, 1860

Did John c Breckinridge support slavery or opposed slavery?

He wants the continuation of slavery duh. A major general in the confederates army PLZ LIKE OR NOT

What is the birth name of John Breckinridge?

John Breckinridge's birth name is John Cabell Breckinridge.

How did Breckinridge's stance on the issue of slavery differ from Lincoln's?

Breckinridge's stance on the issue of slavery differed from Lincoln's because Lincoln opposed the expansion of slavery into the territories and Breckinridge insisted that the government be required to protect slavery in any territory.

Which two presidential candidates in 1860 took directly opposing positions on slavery in the western territories?

Republican Abraham Lincoln and southern Democrat John C. Breckinridge -Novanet

What nicknames did John Breckinridge go by?

John Breckinridge went by Bunny.

How did John C breckinridge feel about slavery?

John Breckinridge was absolutely for the continuation of slavery, evidenced by the fact that he ran for President in 1860 as the candidate for the pro-slavery Democratic party and was a Major General in the Confederate Army (he also served as Secretary of War for the CSA).

What is John Breckinridge's birthday?

John Breckinridge was born on December 2, 1760.

When was John Breckinridge born?

John Breckinridge was born on December 2, 1760.

Which candidate supported the Southern View in election 1860?

The candidate who supported the Southern view in the 1860 election was John C. Breckinridge. He was nominated by the Southern Democrats and advocated for the expansion of slavery and states' rights.