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they combine both audio and visual elements.

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Q: Video texts are an example of multimedia because?
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Why are video texts an example of multimedia?

they use audio and visual element together

How is multimedia?

Multimedia is the collection of images , audio, video, texts and other animations. Multimedia is useful in presentations and documentations.

Multimedia, such as video texts, make use of?

(Apex) More than one medium.

What does Multimedia such as video texts make use of?

More than one medium i took the quiz it’s correct

Why can't accept multimedia texts?

Because you dont pay for them if you want them go to your local phone store and ask how you can buy it.

What does it mean when I get 100 mms for my smartphone?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. Anything other than plaintext goes over MMS, which includes pictures. 100 mms means that you get 100 MMS texts, so 100 picture texts for example.

What is s sizing handle in PowerPoint?

Size handling can be done for texts or multimedia. It can be done by element selection.

What are the benefits of multimedia applications?

Multimedia gives life to any presentation. What is multimedia anyway? This is a combination of different content forms such as text, animation, video, sounds, graphics and other multiple multimedia forms. This is very useful in creating websites and presentation (movie-making, recording, etc.)

Which of these is an example of cyberbullying?

(Apex) Sending threatening texts.

What is flix like pix flix texts....?

flix is video messaging, so if you have a cameraphone you can leave a video message instead of voicemailing to the other person's phone.

What to do when your girlfriend is so close to her ex that she calls texts video chats and sometimes hangs out with him?

Walk Away

What s the deference between multemidea and smart phone-?

The difference between multimedia phones and smart phones are that smart phones run on an advanced mobile operating system. Multimedia phones do not and usually only have one or two major features such as high-quality sound or high resolution cameras.