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More than one medium

i took the quiz it’s correct

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Q: What does Multimedia such as video texts make use of?
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Multimedia, such as video texts, make use of?

(Apex) More than one medium.

Why are video texts an example of multimedia?

they use audio and visual element together

Of what use to businesses are multimedia systems?

Marketing presentations are developed to advertise and sell products using multimedia. Sales representatives use a computer, a video projector, and a display screen to make their presentations to the audience.

Where to use multimedia?

Multimedia is mostly used for delivering video lecture to the students. Mostly in Universities for Presentation purpose it is used.

What is the examples of multimedia devices?

Multimedia devices use different forms of media such as text or video within a single device. Examples of multimedia devices include cell phones and cameras.

Multimedia building blocks in text?

explain multimedia building blocks?Multimedia Building BlocksMultimedia is a combination of various elements, such as text, images, video, sound, and animation.Interactive multimedia allows the user to control what and when the elements are deliveredWith the rapid changes in the field of technology, the interactive multimedia has become increasingly popular in education, business, entertainment, and public places.Now multimedia, which has the capability of incorporating various media from text to graphics and from video to sound, is a new way to present information.Using Text in Multimedia:Text is an essential aspect of presenting the information.Like each element of the multimedia design, effective use of text can either direct users/readers attention or divert it.Using Sound in Multimedia:Sound is one of the most powerful elements of interactive multimedia presentation.How you use the power of sound, either linking text or image with sound, can enhance the multimedia presentation.For any computer application, such as Web pages, audio resources need to be digitized.There are some important considerations in order to do that: quality, file formats, and file size considerations; digitizing process; and understanding constraints and limitations.Using Images in Multimedia:Graphics are the visual elements that make up a multimedia screen .The images, such as pictures, clip art, 3-D graphics are widely used in designing for both multimedia and the Web. Hence,Using Animations in Multimedia:Using Video in Multimedia:Carefully planned and high-quality video in which one can perceive text (title), image, animation, and sound all together can make an amazing difference in an interactive multimedia product.With the digital video technology we can use the power of video for multimedia and Web delivery.

What are some ways and ideas that you can use to promote a museum with video?

More info: I work at my hometown historical museum, and I am also a multimedia producer with a focus on video.

Can you use the multimedia software Poser to make animations?

Yes you can with Poser 7.

Uses of multimedia?

how many Americans use multimedia

Multimedia used for video editing?

I always use wondershare video editor. It's a great tool to help you edit video/audio/photos with go-to features like trim, split, crop, etc.

Which multimedia software is the easiest to use?

Digital Studio 2010 is easy to use multimedia software.

Advantage of multimedia?

Advantage of multimedia is that it improves the quality of presentation and is easy to use. Multimedia presentations can also be modified easily.

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