Value of a crosman 2200 magnum air rifle?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Cannot give you an estimate without knowing the condition of the rifle. Does it still work? Is it excellent, very good, good, fair, poor? You didn't state any of these so it is impossible to give you and answer.

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Q: Value of a crosman 2200 magnum air rifle?
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Where can you get parts for my crosman 2200 magnum 22 cal pellet rifle?

Crosman still has some parts available for this model. See the link below.

What is the biggest size mm you can use for a 2200 magmum pump action bb rifle?

If you are asking about the 2200 Crosman Magnum air rifle then it shoots a .22 caliber pellet not a BB.

How do you reassemble a crosman 2200 magnum?

The 2200 Magnum was manufactured between 1978-1989. The 2200W is still in some stores. Crosman still carries some parts for this rifle however they also provide the breakdown parts manual and owners manual on their web page. Go to and click on download owners manual.

Where to get parts for crosman 2200 magnum?

There are 4 versions of the 2200 mag. Crosman still has parts for them. Contact Crosman at the link below. Also see the parts manuals at the link below

How do you assemble the inside of crosman 2200 Magnum?

Crosman has most all their owners and parts manuals online. See the link below. BTW there are four different versions of the 2200. You will have to look at them all and decide the correct one for you.

What is a chrome receiver crosman 2200 worth?

All the 2200 had a chrome plated receiver. In order to give you an estimate of value, I need to know the condition of the rifle. Is it in (Poor, Fair, good, Very Good or Excellent physical condition.)

What is the value of the Colman 2200 pellet gun?

I don't believe Coleman ever made a pellet gun or rifle. However Crosman did make a model 2200 from 1983 to 1988. If this it what you are asking about then please state the current condition of the rifle, not gun. It is not possible to give an estimate of value without more information like is it working? Is it in poor, fair, good, very good or excellent condition?

What is the value of a working 1994 crosman model 2200 magnum in fair condition?

If your was made in 1994, it would be a 2200B. In fair condition it would be worth between $20 - $30. In "Like New condition" it would be worth $65 Source "Bluebook of airguns 9th edition."

Value of browning 22 cal lever action rifle?

50-2200 USD depending on specifcs.

What year was the crosman 2200 magnum made?

The Crosman 22 Magnum was made between 1978 and 1989. there were three variations made, the first variation had a chrome receiver(1978 to 82). The second had a black receiver (1982 to 83). The third had a brown stock and forearm (1983-89). Two more similar models also came out, the 2200B 1989-06 and the 2200W 1997-03.

How do you reassemble Crosman 2200magnum model 2200a?

Crosman has all their parts and owners manuals on line. Their are 4 different versions of the 2200. See the link below and select your model, then if available order them from crosman

What is the value of a 12 gauge Winchester Magnum model 2200 serial number L 1204922?

mint condition. i sold mine for 550$ i wouldnt go much less