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45-Day Period

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Q: Type of condition that develops suddenly and lasts a short period that starts with an a?
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Can a 3 year old girl start her period?

Well, not her "period" but there is a condition where a child starts puberty at the age of three and starts their period at the age of 6 or 8 its called precocious puberty its very uncommon though.

What does it mean when you are spotting before your period?

Spotting is normal before your period - your period doesn't just suddenly start, it starts slowly at first so only small amounts of blood will leave your body, this is spotting.

What is a sudden rain?

Rain that suddenly starts falling.

How does an oak tree grow?

well it starts off as an acorn and develops

Does a virus produce sexually or asexually?

Well, its starts from the japanese eye. It then gradually develops to the anus and spreads into the lungs and develops HIV

Starts with Z and means to climb or move suddenly?


When during fetal development do rhythmic breathing movements begins?

Late in the third semester

Why do girls wearing a dipers?

girls were feminine pad when their period starts. girls were feminine pad when their period starts. girls were feminine pad when their period starts.

Why do you spot brownish blood before your period?

Your period doesn't just suddenly start full-flow, it starts light like this then gets heavier as the process of the uterus shedding starts-up. Brown is just smaller amounts of blood slowely leaving your vagina, then as it progresses more blood is lost and at a faster rate.

Explain how inertia affects the passengers when a bus starts suddenly?

Inertia affects passengers on a bus when it starts suddenly by giving them a jolt and causing the passengers to move forward or backward depending on the buses position.

What if your period starts and stops then starts again?

Your probably spotting

When is a female consider fertilize?

When she starts to ovulate which you do before you get your first period.

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