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Your probably spotting

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Q: What if your period starts and stops then starts again?
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Will you ever get your period?

Yes but you have to be a girl. You can have it from 8-16. But when you get pregnant it stops. But when you have gave birth it starts again. Hopefully this answered your question

When does a millennium end?

At the end of a thousand years. Then it starts again and again and never stops.

If a girl likes you for a while then stops then starts again does she like you?


What is male edging?

It's a technique when a guy stops all stimulation for a brief period as he reaches climax, then starts again. This process can be repeated as many times as he wishes.

What if a dog in heat in heat bleeds then when out of heat stops bleeding but a few days later starts again?

I'm really trying to find the same info but not with much success. If your dog goes in to heat and bleeds her normal week-ish period and stops and then starts bleeding again a few days later - is this normal? I would really appreciate any advise...

What if your period starts then stops then start again what could possible be wrong?

I dunno what the problem is but I have it and can't figure it out...I'm thinking I might have a damaged ligament or something might be wrong with my ovary....

What does it mean if your period starts late and stops early?

it means you should see a doctor

What is a segment or curve starts starts and stops?

A segment or curve cannot start and then start again without having stopped!

If your period starts again after shortly stopping is there problems?


What stops cell division?

Cell division starts when there is an imbalance in the level of protoplasm and nucleoplasm IT STOPS WHEN there is uniformity formed again in the levels of nuclear and protoplasm

If my girlfriend stops taking the pill for 10 days and then starts again does she face any problems?


When an Anorexic girl stops their period do they ever start again?

Yes, if they are able to get proper nutrients.