Two girls like each other

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It's okay if you're different that way.

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Q: Two girls like each other
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What is it called when two girls like each other?

Friends would be my first answer. Two Girls can like one another without there being anything sexual and that's called friendship. However, if the two girls like each other in a sexual way then it may be they are Lesbians. Lesbian is the term for Homosexual females.

What is the meaning of girls are like two peas in a pod?

That means the girls get along well and very close to each other.

Can two girls finger each other?

Yes, they can.

Why two girls tickle each other?

Just to have fun.

What are the signs of two girls loving each other?

Signs that two girls love each other could be when they look at each other and they are smiling, they're all over each other, and they hug a lot. That's what I do with girls I like. Pretty much the same as the signs that a man and a woman love each other. They try to be together as much as possible, imagine a future together, share private jokes, give each other presents for no reason at all, share food ...

How do two girls hump?

They simply just get on top of each other

How would two girls who are good friends most likely greet each other in America?

huge each other

Can two Betta girls be with each other?

Yes, only the males will fight.

Is it right for two girls sucking each other breast?

perpectly correct

What is a word when two girls love each other?


How can you tell if two water turtles like each other?

If two turtles like each other they will not get in fights and you will also be able to tell by how they act around each other.

Do Ash and Misty Like Each Other?

The two of them like each other as friends and nothing more.

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