Tips on being a good kisser?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Finding tips from here isn't the best thing to do you cant predict kissing it is always different experience will make you a good kisser. But here are some little tips that can help.

-If you are a girl and your dude has long enough hair run your fingers through it

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Q: Tips on being a good kisser?
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What is the secret to being a good kisser?

there actually is no secret to being a good kisser. just relax and kiss him or her.

Is Willow Smith a good kisser?

yes willow smith is a good kisser for her age

Is cancer a good kisser?

everyone is different, and obviously anyone with that sun sign is different too! Any Canceran (sp?) can be a good kisser or a bad kisser.

Is Kevin Jonas a good kisser?

yes he is, he is a great kisser Who do you know????? weirdoess..

Is bill kaulitz a good kisser?

as long as i saw the pictures it's so appears that he's a pretty good kisser

How can you become a good kisser?

Practice!! ;)

Is Julian McMahon a good kisser?


Is Harry Styles a good kisser?

He is a great kisser according to me but people can think other wise.

If a guy keeps kissing you does it mean you are a good kisser?

It means he thinks your a good kisser, or he is just really horny and doesn't care whether your good or not.

What makes a good kisser?

What makes a good kisser is someone who is relaxed and isn't worried if they will be a good kisser or not. If you are trying to hard to be a good kisser you won't be. When the moment comes just relax and go for it. Oh my God, whatever. Just use like loads of tongue. Just dont choke them with it. Some people are good kissers, some are bad. Just relax.

How do i know if I'm a good kisser?

if you want to no if yourself is a good kisser go in your bathroom and kiss the mirror and there u answer!

How do you know if someone is a good kisser by the way they eat an apple?

You don't. You can't tell if someone is a good kisser based on how they eat an apple.