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There is a difference between elasticity and flexibility. Elasticity is the ability to stretch and flexibility is the ability to bend.

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Q: The difference of elasticity and flexibility?
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What is the difference between elasticity and flexibility?

Elasticity is the ability to stretch and return to the original shape whilst flexibility is the ability to bend.

What is another way to say flexibility?

elasticity, affability

What are synonyms for elasticity?

Synonyms of elasticity are: stretchiness flexibility malleability plasticity fluidity resilience pliancy tractability

What are synonyms for flexibility?

elasticity, pliability, springiness, give, openness

What is a good title for a science fair project dealing with rubber band elasticity and temperature?


What does collagen provide for the skeletal system?

Collagen is a protein that gives the bone flexibility, elasticity, and strength.

What is the synonym of resilience?

elasticity, flexibility, pliancy, adaptability, adjustability, malleability, plasticity, rubberiness, springiness, suppleness

What is the meaning of flexibility in properties of matter?

Elasticity is that property which gives the details of the extent to which the material becomes flexible.

How spleen sulect old rbc?

Its elasticity and flexibility isn't as great therefore giving off that the RBC is old.

Define elasticity and flexibility?

An object is said to be elastic if it has the ability to return to it's normal state after being stretched or squeezed. Flexibility on the other hand is the ability to bend easily without breaking.

Difference between functional flexibility and numerical flexibility?

Managing the quantity of labour used

What is the difference between perfect elasticity?

That's not correct English.