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Managing the quantity of labour used

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Auto correlation and cross correlation

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Q: Difference between functional flexibility and numerical flexibility?
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The difference of elasticity and flexibility?

There is a difference between elasticity and flexibility. Elasticity is the ability to stretch and flexibility is the ability to bend.

What is the difference between numerical and non-numerical data?

Numerical data is numbers. Non-numerical data is anything else.

Difference between functional and conflict?

The difference between functional and dysfunctional conflict is that functional serves a purpose in the organization such as the interest and dysfunctional serves no purpose but to threaten the organization.

What is the difference between functional and decorative accessories?

the difference between functional & decorative, is that functional is when a certain accessory is actually used, while decorative is just for showing something

What is difference between functional group and molecules?

A functional group works

What are the difference between flexibility and ductility?

use your brainzzz~

What is the difference between functional region and perceptual region different?

What is the difference between functional and perceptual regions? i want my answere soon please and thank you

What is the difference between an algebraic expression and numerical expression?

algebric uses variables and numerical uses numbers

What is the difference between an expression and a numerical expression?

it has to have an x number in it.

What is one difference between a variable and a numerical expression?

The variable.

What is the difference between Oracle functional consultant and Oracle Techno-Functional consultant?


What is the difference between supervisory aptitude and numerical aptitude?

supervisory apritude is the superior responce of the way of your thougts numerical aptitude is the the knowledge of the numerical calculations