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Pointy side down...

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Q: Tattoo gun positioning when tattooing?
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What angle to hold a tattoo gun?

can anyone tell me the correct way to hold a tattooing gun normally at a 45 degree angle but never straight up and down

Dan Higgs Tattoo?

He quit tattooing.

How do you get mass tattoo license?

How do i get my tattooing license in medford,Massachussetts

When did they started tattooing people with a needle a tattoo gun and some ink?

In the '90's. Before the tattoo gun and the needle were invented, they would cut your skin with a knife and put ashes in the cut. In those days, tattoos were not as beautiful as they are now and they hurt a lot more. Now, they have ink, tattoo needles and tattoo guns. So the tattoos are much prettier and less painful.

Insurance for tattooing?

At least four or five companies provide insurance for tattoo parlors and tattoo artists.

What do tattoo artist do at their jobs?

Tattoo artists are responsible for the actual tattooing, as well as consulting about the art and designing.

How do you make tattoo line straight?

use a ruler while tattooing.. should do the trick - not a tattoo artist..

What happens when you let a unlicensed tattoo artist tattoo you?

When you let a unlicensed tattoo artist tattoo you, you have a greater chance of a botched tattoo, and of becoming infected from improperly handled tattooing equipment

Can you get a tattoo when your fifteen in Texas?

Nope. Its a liability for the tattooing company with out parent consent

How do you reload ink into a tattoo machne?

If you seriously are asking this, please stop tattooing.

Do you need a license to give tattoo's at home?

If you have to ask, you shouldn't be tattooing ANYBODY.

Pennsylvania tattooing laws?

Im currently on probation at the age of 17 but am apprenticing for a tattoo artist. Do you have to be 18 years or older to be a tattoo artist and do you have to have a liscense to tattoo?