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This is not a sign of pregnancy. If you have missed your period and have had unprotected intercourse you should take a pregnancy test or see your doctor.

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Q: Stomache feels harder could be pregnant?
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My stomach feels heavy and i feel nausea could i be pregnant?

you could

You have not got your period your stomch hurts and it feels bigger?

You could be pregnant.

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some peoples stomache feels wierd

I am 19 weeks pregnant and why does my belly feels hard?

Dont worry. It's supposed to be. It will get harder and bigger and if you haven't felt your baby move you will be felling it soon

Could one be pregnant if before eating one feels nauseated and then after eating one feels nauseated?

While this COULD be ONE symptom of pregnancy, there are a lot of other things that can cause it as well.

It feels like something is wrapped tightly around my stomach when I sit down Could I be pregnant?

You could be pregnant or you may be full. It is according to how long the feeling last. Consult your doctor if you have not had a full meal.

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i have explanon implant in my arm feels bent when ifeel each side it bends and feels as though its gona snap u can acturally feel a bent in the rod could i still get pregnant have been feeling sick and headakes

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If your stomach feels tight does that mean you are pregnant?


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However it feels comfortable

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