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Dont worry. It's supposed to be. It will get harder and bigger and if you haven't felt your baby move you will be felling it soon

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Q: I am 19 weeks pregnant and why does my belly feels hard?
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When you are two weeks pregnant does your belly feel hard?

No, it's physically impossible. You're belly doesn't start getting hard until 6-7 months along.

When will you belly get hard during pregnancy?

around twelve weeks

Is it normal if your belly is getting hard above your belly than under your belly button?

I'm 11 weeks pregnant and my belly button has started to get firmer. My belly is also firmer and fuller, which is normal. My belly button is also a bit sore at times...I think this is because around weeks 16-20 it will start to pop out, which is also normal. your worries.

If your belly doesn't feel hard at 8 weeks pregnant is it just because you are a fat girl?

No not necessarily. At 8 weeks your baby is so small you wont even know that anything is in there. Most people starting showing and feeling kicks around 5 or 6 months. Around then is wen your belly should start getting hard, but every pregnancy is different.

Is your stomach soft the first month of pregnancy?

It depends what you were like before you became pregnant, if it was soft then it will stay soft, if you were hard it will stay hard. Some women get bad gas at the begiinning of pregnancy and that may make a soft stomach firmer.

Do you feel any bumps or hardness in your stomach at 8 weeks pregnant?

Im 9 weeks and my stomach feels hard as a rock - least to me - down where the baby is and if I press in on my stomach with my figer tips in the right place I can feel the lump where my baby is.

You are 5 weeks pregnant according to your last period but your lower abdomen isn't hard are you pregnant?

It doesn't always get hard until a few weeks later when the baby's a bit bigger

How do your tummy fell when you are 9 weeks pregnant?

Thick & heavy & hard

Hard belly button?

The belly button is the spot on the body where the umbilical cord attached in the womb. In pregnant woman the belly button starts to pop out as a woman gets later in her pregnancy.

How can you know if the guineapig is pregnant?

This is hard to tell early. The further along she gets, the easier it gets to see that she is pregnant. Her belly will become big and solid.

Is a guinea pigs belly tight during pregnancy?

If a guinea pig is pregnant then her tummy will take on a pear shape. So yes, I think she is pregnant congrats!

Is it ok to have a belly pooch at 16 which feels big but not that hard?

It's called fat. And it is normal, it just means that you need to work out.