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Missed period, breast tenderness or swollen nipples, morning sickness, headaches.

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Q: Signs of 1 month pregnant
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Can you be pregnant if your period started a month late but you seem to be experiencing pregnancy signs?


What are the signs of a weak pregnancy?

At 1 week pregnant, there are no symptoms.

Do your breasts get hard during the first month or two when pregnant?

I have been pregnant on two occassions. On both occassions the first signs of pregnancy were sore breasts.

Can you get pregnant if you don't take the birth control for a month?

Yes you can get pregnant if you have vaginal sex and have not taken birth control for 1 month.

How many months pregnant is chrissy?

No month

Is dove Cameron pregnant?

Leave her alone

Do you have a plasenta when your only 1 month pregnant?

A plasenta is a uterus!

Is it possible to be pregnant after 1 month of sex?

Yes it is possible.

What if your a month a 1 week late?

your most likely pregnant

How many months pregnant are you if you are 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant?

1 month and 2 days.

If you were 5 weeks pregnant on nov 19 when did you get pregnant?

5 weeks is roughly 1 month. You can do the math.

You have taken 1 tablet of dimethicone antacid and you are 1 month pregnant are there side effects?