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if the person likes u and u no it u should tell them u like them

well theres someone who likes me and i like them and i waited awhile and they asked me out and now we are an awesome couple!!

Yes you can tell me 😊

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well if you are a person who is really shy then probably because that is what i do and i really like this guy, but if your brave then you should tell him yourself so they know that you love them so much that you are brave enough to do anything for him/her, because i just called my crush and started a conversation and then told him, because on the phone you actually become friends and its not as hard as face to face. hope this helps!!!!!

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...You say that you like them back.

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Q: Should you tell someone if you like them?
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If you like someone should you tell her?


You like someone and you do not know if he likes you what should i do?

Tell him

When someone ask you tell me about your self what should i say?

Tell them what your personality is and what you like to do.

What should you do if you like someone but you don't know that they like you or not?

you should just tell them that you do and see what they say to you trust me.

What should you do if someone has a crush on you?

go tell them if u like them or not simple

If you like someone and you might not see them again should you tell them you like them?

Sure there is no harm in it.

Should you tell a guy you like him and how should you tell him if there is someone trying to hook him up with someone else but you think he likes you and aren't sure if he likes her?

You should tell him that you like him and ask him if he likes you back. That way you aren't stressing yourself out about it. If he does like you, ask him out. If he doesn't move on. He's not worth it anyway.

What should you do if you like someone but you can't tell them?

Trust me if you really like them should tell them because you will regret it..take it from me I used to wonder what to do "How Do I Tell Him I Like Him?" and the only answer to is to just tell them. And now he's gone and I always look back on that and trust me ...just tell them you like them!!

How do you tell someone to stop liking you?

Well you really shouldn't! You should be happy that someone likes you. But if you feel like they are to close to you but you like someone else just say that you like someone else and tell them how you feel, and that you just wanna b friends.

What should you do if you like someone and you are leaving?

Be honest with them, tell them how you feel, and see if they respond.

Do you tell your crush that you like him?

You should tell your crush you like him/her eventually or else, your crush might find someone else they like you'll be heartbroken.

If you don't like someone in your class what should i do?

Tell them that you dont like them , so you can get them off your mind and not worry about it.