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Well you really shouldn't! You should be happy that someone likes you. But if you feel like they are to close to you but you like someone else just say that you like someone else and tell them how you feel, and that you just wanna b friends.

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Q: How do you tell someone to stop liking you?
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Can you stop liking someone?

The truth is you cant stop liking someone. I mean you can try avoiding them but they might still want to talk to you. I no it's hard, but the best thing to do is to just live through it. maybe go out with friends on the weekends and tell them to bring their guy friends along. You never know, you might meet someone new! But from experience, its almost physically impossible to stop liking someone.

Why is it so hard to stop liking someone you never dated?

You may be infatuated or crushing on this person and that is why you are unable to stop liking the.

How do you deal with being teased about liking someone?

You just accuse them of liking someone and then say you'll spread a rumor about them. Then they will stop.

What do you do if you like a guy and tell him so and then stop liking him?

tell him you dont like him anymore

How do you stop someone from liking you when you dont want to go out with him yet but you dont want him to stop liking you because you like him back?

dude jus ask him out

How do you be just friends with someone you like?

You can't, until you stop liking them.

What do you do if you like someone in your family?

try and STOP liking them, that is plain wrong!

How do you stop liking a boy after 5 years of liking him and you tell yourself you don't like him anymore but you can't not like him?

Depending on how old you are, it can be the first forms of love! you should not try to not like someone, you can't help your feelings.

How to get your aunt to stop liking every picture you are in on facebook?

block her, or just tell her not to

How do you stop liking someone that is using you?

Its hard to stop loving or liking someone that is using you because love is a very confusing thing. However you have to realise breaking it off with this person is the best thing for you

I have this crush and he does not seem interested in me and i want to stop liking him but he keeps calling me what do i tell him?

What makes you say he is not interested, given he keeps calling you? And why, if you say you have a crush, do you want to stop liking him? You seem confused ........

How do you get your boy friend to stop liking another girl?

You should tell him that it is either you or her and that if he don't give her you then it is over. You deserve someone better who will love you for yourself and love you and only you! Best Wishes!