Should you kiss a drunk girl?

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2012-10-25 21:02:22

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Most definitely! Drunk girls are the easiest to kiss.

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2012-10-25 21:02:22
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Q: Should you kiss a drunk girl?
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How do you make a girl kiss another girl?

pay them or get them drunk and dear them

How does a girl attract another girl?

mainly by getting drunk and then she kisses you and then they kiss

How to make a girl make love with you?

Just get her drunk!! Then kiss her then so on!!!

When a girl kiss you what should you do?

Kiss her back

At what age should you kiss a girl?

You can kiss a girl from any age!

What if a guy you like goes to your house drunk and kissed you...i asked him if its a friendly kiss he told me yes..but if its a friendly kiss it should be a smack only...but he did a french kiss..?

If he was drunk, he did not know what he was doing.

is it ok that i feel like i should kiss my girl best friend (im a girl) and how should i kiss her?

and if i do kiss a girl can she give me a hickey when she kisses me back

You are a girl and you want to know what its like to kiss a girl so how do you get your best friend to kiss you without becoming werid and i already understand that it is werid just wondering?

get drunk

What should a girl do when her boyfriend asks for a kiss?

give him a kiss

If you kiss a girl while your drunk does it mean you like her somewhere in your heart?

I would say that if you were drunk when this took place it doesn't really mean anything.

If a girl gets you drunk to kiss you multiple times what does this mean?

Hard to tell when she's drunk, could mean she likes you.. But if you want to find out for sure then you should probably ask her when she's sober, you can never tell whats going through someone's when they're drunk.

Should a girl kiss first?

Why not?

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