How does a girl attract another girl?

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2011-03-15 16:51:15

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mainly by getting drunk and then she kisses you and then they kiss

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2011-03-15 16:51:15
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Q: How does a girl attract another girl?
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How do you attract my ex boyfriend back when he likes another girl?

you make the girl not like him of course!

How do you attract a girl if you are a girl?

Dont try to attract a girl just be yourself and maybe they will be attracted to you. but you have to know if they are lesbians too!

How do youyou attract a girl without approaching her?

If you want to attract a girl with out being near her then how about getting her to come to you

How do you attract any girl?

You can't attract every girl. Everyone likes different things. Just be yourself.

How to attract an older girl?

The best way to attract an older girl, or any girl for that matter, is to be yourself. It will be to your advantage if you are mature, sensible and not afraid to approach her.

How do you attract nerdy girl?

You dont

How do you attract the girl next door?

To attract a girl you like, you should be yourself. She will probably give you a chance if you are nice and honest.

How can a girl attract one of her girl friends?

Be yourself and have fun

Opposite charges repel one another?

No. Opposite charges attract one another.No. Opposite charges attract one another.No. Opposite charges attract one another.No. Opposite charges attract one another.

How can you tell if a girl likes you if you are a teenager?

Girl here ;p well, it depends on the type of girl. If a girl doesn't want you to know, she can hide it. Another girl, may look at you, follow you and do stuff like that to attract your attention, which means she likes you.

Why would a girl kiss another girl?

A girl might kiss another girl for many reasons. To attract other guys and make them jealous. Many cultures this is common practice. Two girls might even be bisexual or really good friends. Sometimes they do it to practice if they get a boyfriend.

What you ask from girl for attract?

do you mean to get her attracted to you well that depends on the girl

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