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No, there should not be a death penalty for gay people. Unfortunately, as of 2017, there are 10 countries that put people to death for being gay.

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Q: Should there be a death penalty for gay people?
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What countries give the death penalty to gay people?

The following countries give the death penalty to gay people:SudanMauritaniaNigeriaSomalilandSaudi ArabiaYemenIranMaldivesBrunei PakistanAfghanistan

Do gay people receive the death penalty?

Only if they are convicted of a crime that warrants the death penalty, such as murder (the same as straight people).

Is there a report of a gay man being hung for being gay?

Yes in some Muslim countries have the death penalty for being gay

If you are a judge at Miss Gay beauty contest what must be your questions?

my question for you a gay do you agree or not agree the death penalty and why

Did Nazis kill gay people?

The Nazis killed gay people during World War II. Today, about 10 countries have the death penalty for being gay and significantly more have groups/police that openly kill gays without criminal repercussions.

Should gay people force people who are not gay to like gay people?

Gay people have their own interests and should not force them on others.

Is Uganda still including the death penalty in their anti-gay bill?

As of December 2013, the bill is still pending.

What is the status of gay people in the Gambia?

Homosexuality is illegal in the Gambia, and gay people are routinely harassed, threatened, tortured, and murdered.Being gay in the Gambia carries a penalty of 14 years in prison.

Should gay people be able to kiss in public?

The real answer is that gay people should be allowed to do anything in public that straight people are allowed. If straight people kiss in public, gay people should also.

Important issues in America?

abortion gay marriage the war death penalty health insurance global warming taxes global recession ......

What were gay people?

well, gay people are still around so your question should be- what ARE gay people, and gay people are people who like people of the same gender.

What penalties do gay people serve?

If a gay person breaks the law, that person will serve a penalty, just as a straight person would do. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with it.