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No, keep cheating and dont get caught.

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Q: Should the mistress tell the wife of the affair?
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Who's problem is it to resolve if the other woman is still contacting the wife and the married man she had the affair with?

Your husband had a tongue in his head and he could have said 'no' to having an affair with the other woman or, he started the affair so it is up to the husband to resolve the problem with the mistress contacting the wife and himself. If the husband does not stop the ex mistress from phoning his wife and himself then the wife should at least apply for a separation because he may still be seeing the mistress.

Who is responsible on stopping the harassment the wife is receiving by the mistress the other woman or the married man who had the affair?

Women by nature are jealous of the other woman so they have a tendency to blame the mistress in the affair and even when the mistress harasses the wife, but it is the husband in this case that should stop the harassment because he started it all. Get tough with the husband and ignore the mistress; the ball is in his court.

What does a mistress wish she could say to her lovers wife after the affair has ended?

They are usually sore because it has ended if they were the one that wanted it to continue and generally they want to expose the affair and tell them anything they can.

How can a wife tell if husband still wants to be with the other woman?

He probably does want to be with her..... but the wife (if she found out) uses her control over him to force him into not being with her. Sometimes it depends on how deep the affair with the mistress was.

Is the affair over after mistress tells spouse?

ANSWER: Are you joking, did you think because you had told his wife what he was doing, that will be the end of it. Mistress hardly go and see the wife, of the man she was having the affair, her intent is if the wife learn about her husband, it will automatically going to kick him out of their house. And this is mistress dream. When a woman becomes the mistress it will be for her benefit as well as the married man, why? the only way a mistress can let go her married lover is when she have a soul.

Should you tell the wife you had an affair with her husband?

No. Let sleeping dogs lie.

How do you confront the wife if you are the mistress?

If you are the mistress, you better be prepared to what you will tell her. Be prepared to answer all of her questions. And you also need to know that it might turn to a little fight. Now my question to you, why do you want to talk to the wife? Are you feeling guilty, or your married man doesn't want to see you anymore? The reality of affair is wife are the one that needs to say what she thinks, not the mistress. Now a day, mistress are the one that act like wife. Either she move on or be a pest towards the wife.

What does it mean if a man cheated on his wife with mistress then cheats with you?

A man who has cheated on his wife with a mistress and then does it again with you, is a man who is motivated by lust, and who will never be sexually faithful to anyone. If he should ever tell you that he intends to leave his wife and marry you instead, don't believe him.

What is a mistress thinking?

ANSWER: When you ask the question" what the mistress thinking" are you talking about her relationship with a married man? Or how she feels helping the married man betrayed his wife. If this are your question, then let me say what I think, we will never know what the other woman is thinking while she having an affair with this man. Most mistresses do not have lots of close friends while having affair with a man who is married, because her relationship needs to be hidden from public eyes and friends. And there are some mistress who think they can tell this married man to leave the wife, because she is much better than the wife. After all it is him who tell story or maybe some lies so this woman will believe how bad his life is with his wife..

Should your wife still be in contact with him?

Gosh no, how can she justify the pain that she gave to her husband if she still contact him. If this is what she is doing, for God sake just get a divorce so both can move on. Just like when the husband is the one that had the affair, if he keeps contact with his mistress what do you think the wife will feel? Either way husband or wife that has the affair needs to be honest, and never contact the affair partner..

How do you get your wife to tell you about her affair?

ask her lmaoo

What is the difference between concubine and mistress?

A concubine is a woman who lives with a man, but is lower in status than his wife or wives. A mistress is a woman having an affair with a married man.